Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love the bones of you!

Yesterday was the kind of day to take something apart. You have to do that every now and again. Doubt it, question it, use the Kantian method to pull it apart so all that is left is the bones of it. I want to be secure in Love. I want relationships that are powerfully strong. 

Words are an incredible powerful entity. They dress us up and become this entity. The words become a person…Poetry in motion. When I write- the animation of words become the write.

The person named “Relationship” has the best of me- and the best of my love. We are two in one. My frame, our bones combine to create a magical mystical woman. Her magnificent eyes look at me- pleading for me to understand her. I see her in the mirror of my mind.

I can see my hands unbuttoned the clothing.- I unzip the body of  me… I pull off the muscles, I see them clearly now, the ecorche class coming to my rescue. Sculpture finds a purpose in writing. (grin)

Are the bones strong enough? Is the framework substantial enough to build upon?

It was that kind of a day yesterday. Questioning what a relationship is. And even more importantly what it is NOT. (sigh)

I torn it apart in my mind- I took the relationship down to the bare bones. Then I knocked the bones apart with the light sledgehammer of love and they flew all into the air- -then they fell gracefully into a house made of bones.

I walked into the house and there she stood, dressed in her Celtic attire, the belt I made for her she wore.  She stood in front of huge drums and had a femur bone in each hand.

When I walked inside she smiled and asked: “What took you so long.”
I laughed and kissed her on her high cheek bone cheek.

She handed me the bone and started drumming.. .and shaking her hips...and I joined in and we laughed and we made beautiful celtic music together!!!

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