Sunday, February 9, 2014

God is Art!

Art reflects life…life reflects art. If you know me- then you know it is a regular saying of mine. Yesterday was an incredible day for me- I created art that astounds me.

It was a God moment!

I admit whole heartedly I could not have done it without Bob Carpenter- the tutor. He was patient and calm and ever so easily we pieced together the new me.

Yet again- I wish I had taken photos! It is a bit messy- mud all over the place- up to your elbows. And we move at a pretty fast pace. The exacto blade and fettering knife is slicing fast. Slipping and scoring clay to place support inside of her shell. Then we operated on her.

We removed her core. Then we placed a leather hard cube core inside of her. Bob and I were concerned that she might collapse. That cutting so much surface clay from her might leave her weak. However, I am proud to say her back held strong.

I had built a strong back. (grinning) I love strong backs!

Bob (waving) is at the school on Saturdays- he is there from noon to six. He is good at his tutor job. I plan to take advantage of his time and work every Saturday on creating an incredible God like piece of art. There will be a gallery showing of my art one day- and I plan to knock the socks off of you. You will be soooo impressed, you will want to purchase a part of me.

Working in clay is Godly. I am close to God when I am creating. Unfortunately- the Saturday slot is also the day that Sabbath happens. Eric (waving) I must make the choice for my art over attending Sabbath. (sigh) I am investing in me, creating me, it is a spiritual journey that I am grateful for. THIS is my spiritual quest- now- sculpture.

Thank you all for your love and support! It means A LOT to me to see that 30 people have read my blog! Wooohoooooo!!! I have friends who read my silly ramblings!
(hugging you all) Group hug!

Soaring beside you!