Tuesday, February 18, 2014

LOVE is Pouring Bronze!!!

Love is pouring bronze.

Tonight my classmates and I poured bronze. It was an incredible AFFIRMING experience, it was hot and scary and you need physical strength to handle the weight of the birth.

Art reflects life- life reflects art!!!

God knows if there was ever a truer statement. Love and bronze both are for the courageous! To love and to pour bronze you need to be strong and brave! Creating bronze is not for the weak of heart.

If you want to pour bronze then you better get your butt to the gym lifting weights- cause picking up molten lava requires and demands physical strength. It is time for me to step up my weight training- and become stronger!

The professor wanted us all to release a spring and then pull it back into its locked position. One of the men in class said to me, (the only woman in the class) you will not be able to do it. I thought- “watch me” and yes it required strength. However, I did it. And I might add, one of the other men struggled with it a bit more than I did.

I love the attention required to create bronze. You have to FOCUS. You are so alive in the moment when that orange golden lava fills the mold. It is dangerous and intense. However, Lordy mercy - it is a satisfying incredible sensation to pour molten bronze!!! You want to LIVE?! Come take a class with Wayne Shaffer!!!! Wow!!! That man ROCKS!!!!

After class- we all were on the bus- on the way back down town and we were jazzed with energy!!! Welat (waving) pulled out a bag of cookies and we all pigged out and laughed! We planned that the next pour we would bring better refreshments! Every body was grinning and laughing- we were ALL riding the wave of love. Love for art- Love for bronze- Love for the making and creating of art!!! And love for one another! We WERE a team!!!

The process of making bronze is a work of art- it took many hours preparing the pattern and then creating the lost wax from and then covering the wax with many layers of aggregate and slurry. I will never ever question again- the cost of bronze art! I now know how labor intensive this art is!!

What a fabulous night –that I got to enjoy working alongside incredible artist!!! Wooohoooooo!

I am hanging with the REAL artist at art college. THESE ARE the ART MASTERS!!!

Come to San Francisco- and take an art class with me...I will have you Wooooohooooing in no time!!!

Love you all!!! Keep soaring!

©JudithParsonsArt 2014

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