Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dragon Valentine!!!

Google image of Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco!!!
My love is fire breathing passionate Dragons! (grinning)

We are all sooooo connected. Today I got notes from all sorts of loves, one was about the Chinese New Year when the Western Valentine day- corresponds with the Chinese New Year.  My friend told me the last time it happened was 1919. (waving)

The Chinese word: “Love” –The heart inside- and the feelings. It means feeling and acceptance.
The Chinese character Love means: “You’ve to use your whole heart to Love.”

I live in China town in San Francisco- it is no accident. I have always loved the culture!!! My grandmother gave me a beautiful doll that I still have and treasure.

I completed a sculpture last semester that was a dragon- designed so glass could be melted inside of it. The inside of the dragon is glass- all the passionate red -fire colors!

Love is a magical thing. Sometimes I wonder if the memories of past pure loving sessions were real. I believe in the magic of love. I believe in the dancing dragon chasing away evil spirits. I believe in to-get-her. Love is an incredible "knowing".  

Everything I do now- is from that "Love" place. The art I do- the conversations I have- the people I love. It all comes down to this: (whispering) Treat people how you want to be treated.

I was about to preach about the Love being a verb thing. But, honestly- I am just the way you are. And I am working on walking the talk. Not just saying- I am going to do something- but following through with it.

I hope you have some one special to hold and snuggle cuddle cradle into. I wish for you to have love. I wish for all of us to have someone we can hug- stroke their back and sigh…

I shall be snuggling up to my clay. My love is far away. (smiling sigh)

Anita- Happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you soooo much for loving me- for being patient with my artist temperament. I am sooooo blessed to have your love!!!

Keep singing and soaring…and sashaying to the sweet music of love!!! God knows life is incredible!

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