Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Complicated crazy!

Some might say deciding to go back to graduate school at the young age of 53 is idiotic. Obtaining the loans and incurring this debt is CRAZY.  (sighing) It is not lost upon me that I am making up for lost time.

I followed my husband with his military career all over the east and west coast of America, binding my time. Doing the mother role as best as possible with no roots and making friends along the way. I try to stay connected to friends. They are located in Boston, Virginia Beach, Louisiana, Tampa, Monterey, Portland, and even across the great pond.

Today with the technology of the internet and facebook, we are crossing cultural boundaries. We are writing poetry in groups and displaying and conveying our heart. We are not defined by race and skin color but by words and emotions written.

We are becoming an eclectic entity- we are using our OWN voice to write the art of our souls. The powerful money making machine can not contain us anymore…it can not write what we are as a culture…it can not constrain us upon “its” definition of who and what we are.

We are rapidly morphing and changing and transforming! For as many emotions as a woman has during one day- -we possess as a new non-traditional entity! As a social network we are lovely energy as large as that great pond- ebbing and flowing and intense then calm. We are everything and nothing! Isn’t it glorious?!?!

Perhaps I am crazy…and idiotic by  “their” definition to be returning to graduate school to become the sculptress I have always wanted to be. However, by my definition I am apart of all you.

I weave my art clay and metal and your whispers of love seep into me- and my art. I am in heaven, soaring with wings of light! I believe in a healing arts center! I believe in the power of love and light.

We are stronger to-get-her!

Wooohooooooooo!!! Life is grand!!

The latest art sculpture- the middle of her is pierced…the line…the horizon…her back is a throne… a complicated woman- indeed!

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  1. Beautiful. I am glad the military forced you to move - if it weren't for them then we never would have met. So many treasured memories of our time in Virginia xx