Friday, February 7, 2014

Furry warriors

My daughter had a warrior, he was the four pawed sort of hero. He would wrap his arms around your neck and hold on for Dear life.
If you were fortunate enough to get a "Harry Hug"- then consider yourself blessed.

He would purrrrr against your neck and hold on like he might have been a human in a past life and he was trying to make up for all the hugs he never gave when he walked this earth upon his 2 feet.

I loved it when he would hug me. It was a delightful feeling, I admit the first hug was a little disconcerting. Because he was such a fierce hugger! (laughing) As you relaxed, he relaxed and then it became a fabulous feeling of love, and a glorious neck warming experience.

Margaret, my daughter took the cat to Portland, this summer Harry first traveled to Savannah and hung out at the old homestead. Then a few weeks later, he flew the longest trip of his life to settle with his true love-and help her study. He was the truest companion, never complaining, well- he didn't like the other cats there, but hey- a cat has got to establish boundaries. And Dave and I got to see him at Christmas.

I will miss the hugging Harry. I am certain it will take a long time to accept his passing. I know Margaret will miss his hugs too.

Thank you Margaret for loving Harry so completely! Thank you for taking him across the United States, for caring for him and most importantly holding him as he passed the veil and moved to the next realm!

You are a warrior angel! I love you!

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