Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The opposite of a black hole!

Original art created by One of a kind
Judith Parsons 2014
Triangle, eclipse and diamonds.

I was working with Mark A Reynolds dimensions. I started out drawing his scale reduction which looked like a architectural rendering. The upper left hand corner was the vanishing point. And the triangle stepped back and reduced in size proportionally.

I started with my pen tool in photoshop, tracing his paths. Trying to copy the masters work, isn't that what ALL artist do?

We copy the best we know. We try and see what they see. And then the MAGNIFICENT MUSE steps in and the rendering takes on its own life.

The question has always been -is there a quicker- or better way to do this? So I start duplicating layers and rotating and transforming and "PLAYING" with form.

I did not plan to render this. (Laughing) In fact-  I had stairs and steps in mind. (grinning) However, the muse didn't want to trudge up the swirling steps and stairs. Nope. She wanted wings and she wanted the wealth of the diamond shape and she wanted the eternity of the trinity shape.

She- the artist muse- the higher me- the playful photoshop queen- SHE stepped forward and created this.

We have all heard the saying: "She couldn't see the forest for the trees." When you are in the middle of something- it is hard to be objective. We have all looked at a past situation and said: "If I had only known this or that." 

I think that is why I speak about my art- and myself the way I do. I step out of what I am creating and try my best to "SEE" the magical process. I try my best to get out of the way and let the art come forth. Yes, art is its own entity. Art is CREATION itself. 

An ah-ha moment: Creation is art. Art is creation. Creation would be the opposite of a black hole!!

Art is a light force that is the PUREST birthing of itself. Over and over again we change and morph and create.
ISN"T that life?
LIFE is constantly evolving- changing- every second in and of itself is different! Even if we didn't move at all- if we sat holding our breath- the earth rotates and we are not in the same place as we were a second ago.

Go make something today- create- copy and change something. I swear you will laugh at your process- you will smile at the doing as the muse- as your higher self steps in to transform you.

Soaring beside you.

As usual - the muse stepped in- so I have not a clue what the heck this says. (grinning) Just kidding.
I love you all.

I appreciate your continued love and support!  I am amazed anybody reads this. Every now and again- someone comments. (laughing) Oh well…It is for the muse. SHE is an incredible clever woman!

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