Sunday, September 7, 2014

Truths ...hmmmmm

art created especially for this blog-
by the wonderful artist- Judith Parsons 2014
Truth is a funny animal. It seems to shift shape in front of your eyes. And depending upon who in the room is viewing it- every single person will have his/her own version.

It is what it is.

Many moons ago I took a middle eastern philosophy class. The main life changing statement was simple. A memory can not stay pure. Every time we bring it to the surface of our minds we change it. We change it positively or negatively …we can't help it. It is what we do.

It is up to you to decide from now on- your truth. See it in the best light.

Wrap it in the arms of love and learn from it. Kiss it upon its forehead and lay her down upon the soft sandy river banks in your mind.

Know you did the best you could. Relax. Rest. 

Tomorrow is a brand new glorious day!!! Thank the dear Lord for Love!! (pulling you into me) Stop worrying…dance hon..let me guide you around the dance floor of life…we are learning…God knows we are!

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