Thursday, September 25, 2014

Finding the center

It may seem like a small thing to you math gurus. However, for me, I have just learned to do something I have been yearning to do my whole life.

Find the 
of a circle.

You probably are laughing at this simple task.  I couldn't get it. Until today. 

I am going to interject with a special tid-bit  and I wonder if it has happened to you. There are few words that have done this to me. When you learn the meaning of a new word, when you learn it and experience it on such a deep level that it travels with you. It stays upon the surface of you. Riding around like a parrot sitting upon the shoulder of a pirate. It sits there waiting for you to complete the tutorial.

The word that has been waiting for me to complete its lesson was PERPENDICULAR.

Today was the day it came full circle. (laughing) I remember getting the ah-ha moment of the word. I remember loving the word. I liked why it explained, I liked how smart the word sounded, I liked the way it rolled off the tongue. It is a glorious word to love.

Then today in Sacred Geometry class Mark A. Reynolds ( showed us the magic for finding the center of a circle or arch. 

I tried it and thought- there it is. THE word walked into the room with the majestic stride of a King! I was floored. (grinning) I bowed and He (the word dressed in fancy robes) bowed and we laughed and hugged one another!

Yes!! Wooohoooo!!! I swirled around the room with the word cradled in my arms!! Finally he was revealing HIS huge enormous incredible lesson!!!
Oh Dear Lord- I will be finding the center of sooo many things!! (grinning)

Art reflects life…Life reflects art.

I am finding the center of me.

I am becoming grounded and whole. My circle is a 3 dimensional sphere- suspended in a non gravitational space of the mother cube….

I am working on me. Honoring the work. Growing ev-ver-ry day! 

Soaring beside you!! God knows I love you all!
The art I created just for the blog…Enjoy!!!

I hope you find the center of you!

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