Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Indomitable Kintsukuroi

Original art -created by Judith Parsons Art
The colorful panels are glass, manipulated in photoshop.
The art was inspired by Deepak Chopra. Those are his words. Though I have lived by my version: "Persistence is Omnipotence"

I am finding that place of "nothing is impossible!" I am learning to weave the carbon fiber robe- creating the priest art robe, becoming REAL enough to slip my arms into it.

We learn from our mistakes. We learn soooo much from our glorious wonderful mistakes. Remember the blog called "Kintsukuroi" ? It was about the crack in the pottery vessel which is highlighted with gold.
It is an exquisite example of learning from our mistakes.

The only way to become better is keep moving through it. I do not have a clue what drives me, I wish I could bottle it and make a fortune! My spirit in indomitable. It has flown through storms you would not believe. But SHE keeps flying! She is one heck of a higher spirit!!

My higher spirit with her huge red hawk angel wings meets me upon a plateau every morning. She give me the biggest hug in the whole wide world! I am grinning form ear to ear and she assesses me. She sees through me. She smiles and sighs and raises her eyebrow at me and says: 
Soooo how are you growing?

And I laugh and tell her about my professors, and about the awesome friends in my life. She looks asks the hard question:
What is my sacred mission?

I have many sacred missions. (grinning) I want ART to heal. I want my friends who need healing to be able to access it. I want to have art healing centers all over the world! I want people who have worked their whole life to have a place to go where they can grow and become stronger with art.

She kisses me upon my forehead and replies: "And so you shall have it!" 

Note to self- 3 things to remember.

Persistence is Omnipotent



Woooohoooooo!!! Soaring beside you!!

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