Thursday, September 25, 2014

BlacksmitHERS - Woooohooooooo!!!!!

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Calling all women who want to learn how to forge metal- make metal jewelry- work with all sorts of metal-small- medium up to industrial strength!!!!

(Sorry men- I am spreading my wings- and standing straight and tall - and excluding you from this event.)

Have you seen yourself hammering away at metal- making incredible wild spiral swirling magical art?!

Well come on babe girl!! I got some women you got to meet!! 

First BlacksmitHER is Victoria and she runs an educational service for women. I was asking her how to do a certain thing with a circle triangle and low and behold- SHE made a video and showed me how!! I am blown away by her abilities!!!

Then Payne Anne Chassen started up this incredible facebook group- JUST for BlacksmitHERS!! It is called Angels and Anvils!! It is especially for women interested in welding and forging meta;!

I am soooo excited to find these women!! We have a tribe of  strong metal wild women!! AND NOW IS THE TIME to step up and become what you have always wanted to become. (Dancing about the room- grinning like a fool!)

You want to become strong? Yep!!! I know you do!! (grinning) So lets join forces!! 

Start here at this link:
And this link

And these videos!

Then message Payne on facebook- and tell her you want to learn more!! Join Angels and Anvils!! A glorious group!! Here is the Angel and Anvil link:

How does one start? You ask questions… You search all over God's creation and you find the coolest women on the planet!!

Thank you Valerie Ostenak for connecting me (hugging and squeezing you tight) !!! 


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