Thursday, September 18, 2014

Light water art

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Water and light. Water is a perfect mirror for light. When it is calm and serene and smooth the light sits upon the surface and becomes a mirror. It is a glorious meditation to approach a clear smooth body of water and peer over the edge to see yourself.

One of my first visual meditations involved looking at myself in the water. I was surprised when 3 of me looked back. One was intensely angry, with monster teeth and growling. The other two of me I didn't recognize. It was disturbing. Though it was very telling. I had lost who I was. The water was telling the truth.

We loose ourselves and find ourselves. We loose ourself in our mate or our jobs. There are many places to loose oneself. And then you find the higher you and are okay for a while. Then you loose yourself again. For me it is a continual cycle of becoming. Perhaps the analogy of 5 steps up and 2 steps back might make more sense. 

There is a divine serene peace in accepting the cycle of  finding and loosing of ones self. Knowing that we ebb and flow like the tides is a huge step in enlightenment.

I am happy to report when I look into the water now I see me. The truest part of me. The creator and artist and wild warrior wolfie woman. (smiling)

I see the woman who taught swimming, who used to scuba dive, sailed and loved laying upon the bottom of the pool. I never claimed to breathe out of my ears. It never occurred to me that it was a possibility. (grinning) I found other mermaids (waving- you know who you are) and we connected under water.

There are so many ways to connect and become apart of another. We are both watery light and dancing bubbles. We are art that is deep and intense. We are passion moving water!

Water and light. Two incredible elements to find oneself reflected in. The light is fluid. It has a pulsating rhythm that captivates. It is a magic all its own.

I will find you under water today- free swimming…like flying- but underwater.
Love you all!

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