Monday, September 1, 2014

Passion!!! Sept. 1st!

May the passionate winds of fall kiss you and caress you!!! May you smile knowing the seasons are changing once again!!

Happy first day of September! (grinning) Pulling you into a huge swaying hug!!!

Today is my sister Lynn's birthday. Happy Birthday sweet Lynn!!! (hugging you tight- squeezing with all my might) 

As a child growing up Lynn hated her birthdays. She pushed herself so hard all year long. She ran daily and she worked hard at her studies to become a nurse.
Then her birthday would come and she would use that day to evaluate the year. It was a day blustery wintery day for Lynn as a child. She saw all the things she had not yet accomplished. She always pushed herself hard- she always HONORED the work!!

It marked the turning of seasons for me. While it might have been a beautiful fall golden sunny day outside in Savannah, GA- inside the house was chilly, inside the bedroom I shared with my two sisters was horribly cold. I felt for Lynn and how much she wanted so early on. She is one passionate wild warrior woman! A fabulous sunshine to have on your side! 

Fall, the season for fires in the hearth! Ooooooo how I adore fire! Thank you Anita Boyle for lighting the fire while I visited it was a glorious event! I can't help but grin from ear to ear thinking of the cozy evening- snuggled upon the sofa! Thank you Dear!

I am a child of fire and water! I am the extremes in life. I shake my head at my own crazy discovery. I apologize if you are a friend, it must be hard for you to follow my mind….I am ev-verrr-rrrry where! I make a decision and change it ten times a day.


I think of Virginia Woolf often. I love the way she weave's magic with her words, she flew extremely high in her realm of intellectual transcendence. I love the way she thinks- the way she weaves words of magic- spinning her loom of lovely luscious lively words.

I am finding myself here in San Francisco! I am discovering the map to me! The words and the art are complicated. I am not easy to hold on to…I am one of those parachute kites…OooooI must go fine a photograph to illustrate me…I will doctor it up in photoshop…playing and becoming me…

It is all about the passion! The adventure…Even in the darkest hour we can ride that black tsunami of hell!!! We can imagine our feet latched upon a light surf board and we have the wind that is CONSTANT..and we can ride it babe…we can ride that wave of energy!!

The art was created using 2 photos from google images. One the kite surfing dude and the other a photo of Virginia Woolf. I played with the images- changing them to suit me. The words upon the image are Virginia Woolf's.

May you have a glorious first day of September, before you know it everything will be pumpkin spiced!! Wooohooooo!!! Ooooh I love the fall season!!!

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