Sunday, August 31, 2014

Life is an Adventure

Original Art created especially for this blog.
Judith Parsons Art
It is amazing how the Universe or God gives us lessons. However you learn, in whatever capacity, the lesson will be given. If you read then it will come from a book, if you watch television or movies-then the lesson will come from that source. If you hang out on Facebook- then probably you will receive your next inspiration from here. Last night I got my lesson from a dream.

An old friend who was my marketing director was in my dream. His name was Steve Auld. We both used to work together at a real estate company in Virginia Beach, VA. It was a wonderful dream to see him again. I know that he has passed and is no longer in this realm. So it did my heart good to see him, we both hugged and beamed at one another! It was a glorious moment. Then it was time to get down to business. I couldn't tell you exactly what the business was- other than high high technology.

In my dream he trusted me explicitly to "do the magic"…We were working with a new clip board- that was clear and had wires running through it- which was a satellite and cloaking sort of device. I had to test the device in my dream- put it through its paces- to make sure it did what is was suppose to do.

It was a very "smart" dream. I awakened feeling better about myself- I had a purpose and I had a person who TOTALLY believed in me. It was such a great feeling!
On another note: I finally got past my level 305 in candy crush…whew! So I need help crossing the bridge! (smiling) Please assist!

I am organizing this weekend! Putting things in order in my room-- A piece of art is in my head- I will try and convey it on paper.
I am thinking about joining a church…or group of folks in San Francisco- to be a bit more social. Someone mentioned an over 50 year old art group…I need to research that!
I am very excited about the "Sacred geometry" class!!! Wooohoooo!!!

Life is an adventure!!!

Let us honor the adventure- with all we've got!!

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