Monday, August 25, 2014

Love is time.

I heard the Cathedral clock chiming last night. As it awakened me I wondered how many others it had awakened. For years and years back, the clock rang its bell, keeping track of Ms. Time.

I imagine the people sleeping when this town was run on horse power instead of automobiles.

The clock keeps singing and ringing for Ms. Time. She waltzes in and dances with the ringing dinging in the distance. She doesn't change, Ms. Time. She is forever  young and wistful, grinning and playful.

As the seasons change, as school gears up to accept the new scholars and nature disrobes another foliage dressing. Take some time and dance with her. Imagine holding her easily, smile and twirl around your kitchen. Let her cheek softly caress yours and know Love is time.

1 comment:

  1. Splendid! delighted invitation! Dancing sets free emotions. Everyone should do it more. The kitchen..
    The living area...anywhere is a dance floor! GBY jp!