Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Welcome Home Oprah and Deepak

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Day One- Meditation with Oprah and Deepak.

As I closed my eyes and went to the beach in my minds eye. I found myself walking and in the distance was a camp fire upon the beach. The wind was warm and the sun was setting!

I walked toward the golden flickering lights- the people sitting around the fire were all wearing white clothing. I saw 2 people stand and start walking toward me.

Seeing them made me smile. I couldn't help but grin as we walked toward one another. I had to resist running. I felt like a child meeting an old friend again. I wanted to feel every step- as my foot crunched into the white warm sand. I felt the energy strengthen as I walked toward them.

Oprah and Deepak were grinning from ear to ear and we all started laughing. We all opened our arms for a huge hug! It was a perfect hug! Oprah and Deepak both said at the same time: "We have been waiting for you!" I could feel their warm hands of energy against my back- I could feel their genuine love for me.

It was a glorious moment in my meditation. I do look forward to the reality of it. It will happen in its time.

Doing the 21 day meditation requires making time to love yourself. In the busy crazy world of constant connect it can be a challenge to carve time for yourself. This meditation is a great way to do that.

I have read you can not give to others what you -yourself- do not possess. With LOVE this is tricky. I have said to my BelovedL " Please love yourself -the way you love me." And she has reflected it back to me.
(sighing) It is not always easy.

I shall give it my best try. I love you sweet friends! You are all over the world!! In England- In Ireland- and all over the United States- You can and support me. God knows- I love you all!

I look forward to joining you all around the campfire of love!!!

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