Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Unfurl your wings! SOAR!!!

I am in heaven! THIS truly is heaven on earth.

I have photoshop and illustrator working- I have my art from last year waiting to be played with. (smiling) I plugged in my old hard drive and found writings that surprised me.

I had put my life on hold. I was in the "waiting mode." I was waiting on someone - other than myself to save me.

I admit there were a few women who stood by me. You know who you are. (Waving) But generally finding ones path is something you must figure out on your own.

As much as I would love to tell you- do one, two, three or a,b,c...It isn't something anyone can tell you how to do.

You know you have found your passion when time moves at a different rate. When you are doing what you love to do, you loose yourself in it. I pray for each of you that you find what you love to do. I pray that you find yourself like me, looking up at the clock and exclaiming- "Holy moly- where did the time go?!"

For the longest time I thought every person had to walk his or her path. Yes, it is true we all travel toward our destination. However, we can fly and skip the woods. Or one can swim in the river of life. We all end up at the next transcending realm. How we get there is what makes life an interesting adventure.

I can remember meditating and climbing the cliff rock face of a mountain and a little voice inside my head said: "Unfurl our wings- soar!" And I did- I pushed myself away from the mountain and glided for a bit. Then I pumped my arms which felt like wings and I flew into the sun.

I want you to find your passion and soar or swim beside me. And if your prefer walking, then I will sit beside you at your camp fire and we can share adventure stories.

(smiling and hugging you tight) We are all more connected than you know.

Wooohoooooo!! Life is grand!! Keep singing!!

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