Friday, August 29, 2014

What is the purpose

Original art created by Judith Parsons 2014
A friend and I were talking about "What is the purpose?"  (waving at Aida) It is an excellent place to be. When we are asking that question. When I can evaluate my life from that objective perspective - I might just be growing. (grinning)

Ooooooo shivers- I must shake it off. Muturing? Me? Growing? Good Lord I certainly hope not. (smiling)

Everything has lost its definition! I seem to have come back from Ireland with no sense of time or space. No sense of anything. THIS will be rambling at its best. As NOTHING makes any sense anymore.

I am okay with awakening hours before I have to- just to play in illustrator. I have become obsessed with perfecting my craft, when in reality we ALL know there is no such thing as perfection!!!

I am shaking my head at this quest. What indeed is the purpose? Why do we do what we do? Why do any of us get our of bed in the morning? Why am I rattling on here? Who cares? (shrugging my shoulders)

It is because I CAN NOT HELP myself!! I am struck with passion of the most crazy kind!! Dear Lord reach down and caress my brow and help me calm these wants to create non-stop!!!
No. Don't Lord. 
I do not have a clue who I am anymore. All the clothing that was conventional, all the old me lays in a heap upon the floor across the room.
I want to re-design myself into the art I am creating! I have no idea what the hell that means…maybe I am sleeping still and this is a crazy dream? Maybe.
I will ramble on just a wee bit more.

I need a tribe. I need to find other people like me. I need serious mental help.
(sighing grinning) It has been said- that is the first step in over coming a problem- recognizing that one exist.

However, maybe it isn't a problem to be witing my blog in the middle of the night!
Hells bells, I will post this mess. There is no point, all curves (and I HAVE curves) just plain ole art for arts sake….

What is the purpose?

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