Sunday, August 24, 2014

Woooohoooooo!!! Back in business!

Original illustration created by Judith Parsons Art 
I am grinning from ear to ear!!

My computer needed a transfusion! (grinning) Thanks to Anita (waving) and her computer geek skills she got my hard drive and ram resuscitated!

I played with illustrator all night- creating patterns- making swatches and generally having the time of my life! God knows I love playing with photoshop and illustrator!!

I am back in business!!!


If you need some help polishing up your logo...want some art created that say: "You are a styling Queen/King" - message me!!!

Satisfaction guaranteed. (Grinning) For a price!
I work all over the world! (laughing)

It is time to love love love! Love what you do! Love it soooo much that you will do for the sake of doing it! (Don't get me wrong- I do appreciate compensation for a job well done!)

Live your passion!

Anita- you really ought to work in a computer shop! Or start a side business helping white haired ladies get their computer systems all fixed up!

I am one happy little puppy!
Step right up!

You know you need a new look! Love you all! J

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