Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Art is passion!!!

Incredible Photograph by Louis McNally 2014

The photo is art! A glorious photograph taken by Louis McNally.

His facebook page:

The rain drops splatter in slow motion cascading out from the stick. The rain drops EXQUISITE!

There is so much to be said for playing a sport with other passionate souls.  When they donned their helmets and shin guards, they were crazy young wild warriors!! Determined to give it their best shot!

There is a competitiveness which is glorious to watch. Teeth grinding and voices roaring with growls of determined wants. The passion takes over when the body wants to cave in. It is a divine energy to watch.

These women gave me a glimpse of myself. They make me want to grow STRONGER...we all grow older, but with these women, there is a sense of growing younger. An amazing group of wild warrior women who have inspired me to BE more!!!

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  1. Wonderful blog... So glad that you got to see a camogie match played with competitive women ! :)