Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Woooohooo! Riding the energy!

I have a huge confession!! I find it hard to relax! I am DRIVEN! Okay- okay- okay…So you are thinking…
"Ummmm..thats a good thing- right?"

Well- I am not so sure its good. I don't stop. I just keep at it- day in and day out! My mind goes a million miles an hour- there are 5 fabulous art ideas always in my head…And I need to get into the pool and I need to create art and I need to do this and I need to do that…

It is like I am beating the hell out of the carpet- and life is the carpet.

I am surprised more people don't still beat carpet-just to keep in shape. Well- it is a dusty endeavor. The first whack is always the worse!! You have to know a wee bit about wind and to stay upwind so all the dust and dirt doesn't fly in your mouth. God! It always come back to the wind doesn't it?

Wow! That surprises me…how the wind is always a part of my writings. Okay back to the main point…


I am learning to be gentle with the carpet. To ride it, like Aladdin riding his magic carpet. The trick is enjoying the ride, learning to ride the energy and enjoy the view.

It is all a process!! When life is perfect it will be time to ride the magic carpet to the next realm.

Wooohooooo!! Riding the magic…enjoying the clear fresh breeze upon my face- no dirt and dust.

(Note to self) is an adventure..go with the flow!

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