Wednesday, April 29, 2015

heaven upon earth

One-of-a-kind art by
One-of-a-kind artist
Judith Parsons 2015
On Earth As it is in Heaven

How many times have we all prayed those words? Most of us learned to recite the prayer as a little one. We just did. Those words mixed in with a whole bunch of other words. They comforted me, they became a ladder that took me to my safe sleepy land of dreams.

Perhaps it is time for all of us to stand up and ask what our heaven is? 

When I contemplate heaven I think of childlike love, an innocent love. A love that is not a pushy love, a love that flows and glows. (sighing smile) When I think of what heaven is, there is a divine warmth that radiates outward.

Have you ever stood in a summer rain, when the sun was shining? You can not help but lift up your face toward the heavens, with eyes closed and smile. It is a rare treat to have the rain while the sun is out…a miracle even.

I look for miracles everyday. I expect them even. They show up in photographs, hidden faces in rocks or flames. Or I stop upon a sidewalk and see the faces in the dappled light of the tree shadow. It is the simplest of silent moments.

I created the graphic from a gothic doorway photograph I took ages ago. I awakened with the words “On earth as it is in heaven” upon my mind. I wish for an ideal world of no war where we all have hearts that are child like. 

What we see we can believe. If we all believe it, then eventually we will achieve it… that perfect place…right here, on earth.

(It is so nice to have someone to come home to. That is a little miracle.) 


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