Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Could you summon the strength?

I am remiss in my absence from blogging. I have been busy doing artist things, attending a blacksmithing conference with my Irish love and finishing sculptures for finals.

I was reading poetry this morning and one particular line slammed into me. There is no other way to say it. it simply jumped off the screen with its lightning bolt electric energy and slapped me silly.

The phrase: “Could you summon the strength?”

In that moment I saw an answer I have been asking God about. In that answer I saw many things that enlightened my path again. I wrote a poem in response and created a note to try and explain it.

Inspired by Stephannie Darker. 
She wrote this line:
“Could you summon the strength?”

This line flew from the screen
A lightning rod of electrocution
Asking me to hold the ONE focused rod of art
Above my head
Lifting it above my head

I finally could see the idea that has been elusive

It is time
to be strong

Time to summon the strength
Focus it into becoming

I see her, me, that higher self
Standing strong
Feet grounded
Back made of steel
Arms stronger than ever
Hands above her head
Face uplifted
The energy coming off her hands
Holding art
Intense electricity shower

(Blinking back tears)
I am relieved now.
Finally I see.



Then all morning I have been thinking of the uplifted face. And I stumbled across a google image that said it all. This female figure stands upon a stage, head back, singing her passion out. Her arms, her head back, her entire body is saying: “Can I summon the strength?”

Her arms are strong. Her neck lines exquisite. Her passion palatable!  

I love this photograph. 

I just took it and played with it. I am finding who I am as an artist. It is like shedding skin after skin. Today I made great strides in figuring out the artist I am.

With arms out stretched, head back, I sing my desires for love, laughter, and enlightenment!

May we all ask ourselves, “Could I summon the strength?” Then relax into it, and know that you can. We are all woven into one another! WE are the fabric of life. We are woven threads.

Have a glorious day!

Soaring beside you all!

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