Friday, May 29, 2015

Aging 100 years in one second

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By Judith Parsons 2015

Recently I was cradled in water and felt I had come full circle in my life. Thank you Anita, (waving) for giving me what I had given to so many others. Safe arms to lay back into.

I have taught swimming since I was 20 years old. I have held little babies and adults in my arms as we learned the magical floating qualities of buoyancy. There is a magical moment of “connect” between the non-buoyant swimmer and the NEW buoyant flying fish student. It is a memory that transcends all others.

In that moment, when you see the child float on his/her own. They have earned their wings. It is IN that exact moment, when they age 100 years in a second. It is a moment I wish all of you could experience. They gasp, it is a huge gasp that also accompanies a sitting up sort of motion, they are wide eyed and astounded at their accomplishment.

There is no other way to say it: The gasp is like they are coming back to life.

They have over come fear in that moment. They forever and ever and ever are changed. They can survive in this crazy world where 3/4 of the earth is covered in water. If the water rises, they can always float. I can see you grinning, how absurd, to put so much into one moment. 

When you have held the trembling little one, and asked that they trust you. When he rests his head back upon my shoulder, and I whisper and assure him he can do it, caressing his head, there becomes 
THIS simple moment of 




It is a glorious magnificent “ah-ha” moment.

It only happens in the water. It is an outer space phenomena - non gravity. 

At the Kabuki spa Anita allowed me to rest and float in her arms. The crown of my head against her bosom and her hands under my back. It took a minute or two for me to settle into that safe place of connected buoyancy. It is a magnificent feeling to be held safe in someone’s arms.

It is also a glorious moment to witness a non-floater become someone who trust in his or her own ability to become buoyant. 

I hope you have a moment to float in warm waters this summer. I hope you can trust someone to hold you, and let you relax back into their arms. Maybe one day soon, I will be back in the pool teaching, and you can come find me, and I will be happy to let you rest and become buoyant in my arms.

(Please please please be safe around water!!! Please wear a floatation device, if you do not feel confident in your swimming abilities.)

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