Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Potentiality!! We have soooo much to offer to the world!!
One of the nicest things about the internet is the shared information! I love learning and thinking and playing with words and art and graphic images…PLAYING is a crucial part of learning.
Remaining playful while learning is ONE of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves. Skipping along and scrolling and discovering and becoming more, for me, is what life is about.

When I decided to go back to graduate school the first time, I went to Dr. Lynnette Ralph and asked her if she could help me research “Teaching happiness.” She invited me into her office and a glorious friendship was born. One of the people I stumbled across, 5 years ago was Dr. Ken Robinson.

I loved his research on education and passion! His TED Talk really is fabulous- as he nails what we need to do…That creativity is crucial to learning! Here was an educator speaking my language! If we could plug into that conduit of light and laughter and make learning fun, then just think how we might move mountains with our children! 

My sister, gave me Deepak Chopra’s book: “The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success” and I have been following Deepak ever since. I love his meditations and his research as he is providing research that claims we have the ability to change our DNA with the power of the brain.
These are exciting times we live in!! Can you imagine it? If you can see it and believe it, then you can manifest it into your life. I totally believe what you believe can HEAL you, or worse kill you. Words and thoughts are powerful!

Go check our Dr. Ken Robinson on TED talk- It is amazing!!

And search You Tube for videos with Deepak Chopra…Anything he does is great!

Let us be cognizant of our words, let us give our beautiful positive words light and wings and unfurl them! Let us live our lives with passion in our hearts! Let us travel with a grin upon our face and dance with sashaying hips down this incredible path.

That is all!
I am doing art…manifesting potentiality passionately!

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