Saturday, May 23, 2015

My art found me!!

Original glass and metal art, casted from goose wings.
Art by Judith Parsons 2000
I have been searching for myself. Trying to pin point exactly who and what I am. I was looking for some old papers that might enlighten my heritage, supposedly my grandmother was married to a Native American man. I was looking for her old drivers license, which might help me with the research.

I have never felt more out of sorts with the labeling of myself. I abhor labels. Though, admittedly they help evaluate and find a starting point at which to start teaching. Though- I am not here to talk about labels, that is another blog. 

Today I found  myself.
Or rather, my art found me

I came across 2 small thumb drives last night, and what a fabulous find! All those certifications of art- and who I mailed them too was found! All those doodle I created- and you guys bought!!
I am hugging you all! 

It is amazing how we loose something, we search in vain, and finally give up. Then it creeps back into your life. Life really is like that for me.

I found my glass wings and aluminum wings. I created them in 2000, Mary White was the professor at San Jose State. And I am so sorry - I can not recall the name of the instructor who taught foundry work.

If you know them, reconnect me to them! I am going to click around and do a playful search, nothing serious. Because we know, when we are fiercely searching it alludes us. However, when we relax and let the search come to us…it magically happens.

Perhaps when we finally give up, when we see ourselves upon our knees in futile surrender, that is when Mr. Time or God steps in an says, “Look, this is what you are.” (Gulping)

I went through those old files and was stunned at the work I had created. I have been looking toward heaven and flight, trying to assess the next realm, with my art. I should have stayed put in 2000 at San Jose State university and finished that degree. (shaking head) What was I thinking?

Oh, right, I was married, with little babies to look after. The artist in me couldn’t be a FULL time artist. NOW, I can! 

I hope you find what you are looking for. I hope you find something that reminds you of who you are.

Go on, let me push you out of the nest. Go ahead- flap those wings Luv! Soar!!

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