Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We are born artist!

Special art, by a special artist...Judith Parsons Art 2015
When we give ourselves permission to play…

All sorts of wonderful art arises to the surface. The hands take over. Whether it is writing art or creating with a brush, the sunshine of your highest self arises. 

We are ALL born artist! Then we start competing within the family hierarchy and labels are given and only one child might have a chance at the title. 

Or the parent says: “You will never ever make money at that.”  (sighing) So you don’t walk through that door…Nope. 

The artist is beaten out of us. 

I totally get it. I was a graphic designer for 32 years, sure I did my painting on the side. I eventually got a kiln and started creating pottery and glass art, though- truth be told…I never “OWNED” the title, until now.

I was lucky enough to stumble into Folsom Elementary and teach 5th graders art. THEY astounded me with their creations. The one thing we made sure we made was a blue dog plaster mask. George Rodrigue’s blue dog art was a fabulous art project to create! 

My daughter won an art contest with George Rodrigue and I was lucky enough to shake his hand and give him a hug. HE was an incredible spirit of love and light!!! 

I contacted his foundation seven years ago and he gave me all his books so I could teach Louisiana art to this students. For the few years I taught there, I became the cool art teacher that “did the blue dog mask”.

The children taught me about art. We would laugh and talk as we doodled, or painted or sculpted and we relaxed in a safe place of creativity.  One of the reasons I came back to college to obtain my MFA, Masters in Fine Art, is because I kept telling those 5th graders, go to college, get that BA and then that MFA. They asked all sorts of questions about college, and why and where and then they asked me: Did I have my “masters”?

So…the student becomes the teacher. (grinning) YEP!

If you old Folsom students are reading this, picture me hugging you tight!! We never ever ever give up! 
“Let the spirit move you!!”

Love you all!

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