Sunday, May 24, 2015

Valerie Ostenak

I used photographs from google and
Valerie's web site. 

An incredible inspiration!

I want to introduce you to
an art priestess; Valerie Ostennak. 

There are few artist as talented as Valerie. I met her many many moons ago, we worked at the Monterey Herald Newspaper as artist. She would ride in on her magnificent Harley motorcycle and you’d hear the sound of her stride, her artsy cowboys boots announcing her arrival.

She always is smiling. God knows I just love people WHO do that!!!

I just thought you ought to meet this amazing woman! 

She forges metal, she is the editor of a magazine, she creates jewelry worn by gorgeous New York Models, SHE really is one cool warrior woman!

Thank you Valerie for your inspiration! You are fabulous!

Please check out her webside: Valerie's amazing website!

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