Thursday, May 21, 2015

More connected

Original art --by Judith Parsons Art. 2015

Pure wonderful energy. It ebbs and flows, it surges and slows. It just is a connect the dot and keep on rambling sort of phenomena. 

Sometimes all the puzzle pieces are lost, and sometimes all the puzzle pieces fall exactly into place. Then sometimes they don’t or won’t.

Just sigh, just slow it down and stop talking.

This blog is for me, more than for any body else. Some times I just have to work, turn off the mind, let the hands get busy and work, work, work. I will work until I drop. Then I sleep for a day and a half to catch up to myself.

I am not anywhere near normal, but thanks to Facebook, I realize I am surrounded by the same wonderful wild wonderful warrior brothers and sisters. Normal just doesn’t exist anymore.
We can all sigh now…and get back to our Facebook schedules and candy crush.

The art is an original. I rather like it—ALOT. And I might actually make some prints if anyone is interested. 
We can glance at it across the room, and KNOW we are still connected!

We are pure energy- from the source…Pure perfect passion! Keep soaring sweet Luvs…You guys are truly awesome!!

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