Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We are ALL connected.

The midnight bell toils, my love sleeps in my nest. It is a cozy place. I have candles placed on either side of the bed, the window is wide open.The day was warm in the city and it has not cooled off much. It is the end of April and already it is very warm. (sighing) 

I have art shows to enter and a year left of school. (Actually until Aug.2016) And I have no idea where I will be when this is all done. San Francisco is a great city to live in. I have been blessed to come to this University and chill with the coolest teachers upon the planet!! I am soooo excited about the coming year!!  I can see my final gallery thesis art show in my minds eye. I can see the metal and clay and glass and wood…all the puzzle pieces coming together.

It all involves Love, light, learning, laughter, and lingering touches. All those luscious “L” words.

(sighing smiling)

I have spent 5 days driving back into my past. I rented a car and Anita (waving) and I headed to the blacksmith conference. We learned about the fire, the heat, how to hammer metal and we learned - most importantly how incredibly hard it is. Then—we sigh—and agree that “e-v-e-r-y-thing takes time”…every single thing needs time to settle.

It doesn’t matter if it is the idea of an art piece, or learning to blacksmith, or learning how to love someone. It all takes time. 

We learn slowly how to respond. If we are lucky we learn to breathe in difficult times and smile. Don’t respond immediately, just ask the person to give you time to respond. Let the voices of who you are rise slowly to the surface so you can honor - you!

Then…in the morning light, after a good nights rest. Address the issues of your heart. Quietly, calmly and with love in mind.

All of us, wishes to be loved. It gets old when we are not loved. One can only wait so long, in the forgotten hallways of love, before they walk away. It IS a TWO way street, one of reciprocated love. We all know, what it feels like to be love and how it feels like to NOT be loved.

THe last 5 days I have been away at a blacksmithing conference. I have been buzzing about learning new art. I have been thinking of you guys. I miss my social net—work….My loves…My light…My lingering touches of words.

WE are stronger than we know sweet loves…WE are woven stronger and tighter together as we share love of words and love of light. WE are the energy that connects!! (hugging you all tight) I have friends all over the world…LET us all connect on an energy level. See us all hugging…and laughing and falling into a heap a bodies…Pure Love..Giggling—-and happy.

I love you all! WE are light!

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