Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Great unknown

Meet Mr. Reiki Bear... He was given to me by Anita.
I snuggle up to him and talk to him...
He says: "Hello Sweet friends! My mum Loves you!"

The bear in the Native American medicine lessons is “trusting the great unknown”, according to the teachings of Jamie Sans and David Carson.  

Think about the teddy bear, if we were lucky enough we had one to snuggle and cuddle next to at night. Some were stuffed animals and some were Luvs.

Love your furry love! (grinning) 

Snuggle and cuddle for the sake of just plain ole snuggling! Never mind all that sweaty other stuff. Just sigh...and be happy!

The winds of spring are new and lovely! I am not exactly sure what is happening with my future, but I do know, I have honored the work! I am learning and leaping across spaces in art that have me feeling like a 25 year old!  If you want to find the fountain of youth, then follow me sweet Luvs! We got some magic to make you S-O-A-R!

Flying fishes…Yes-sir-ree!!

(Snuggly against your bear, smile…KNOW that everything in fine. Rest. I got cha!)

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