Sunday, April 5, 2015


Graphic created by me- especially for this blog!
Wooohooooooo!!! I love you!

I awakened with these words pinging against my head…they wanted to come out as this graphic. There you have it.

Whew. Some image are like that. They desire so strongly to be born that they pester you like a toddler next to the candy a you are checking out. The word “SELF” was relentless.


Yep. Thats what we got.

We are that, we do that. Today- in a world where everything is instant and seen in a flash there is no hiding. I have been able to display what ever I desire. Though I choose to make my post positive and upbeat, and generally about art.

We are weaving ourselves into one another. We are connecting and becoming stronger as we share our vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We are praying and caring and becoming more compassionate.

Yesterday was a great example, I posted a photograph of the sunrising in San Francisco. A simple photograph, and tons of peeps loved it and shared it. You all commented and MADE my day. I tried to thank each one of you personally. I am blessed to have your love.

We are becoming our best SELF! Wooooohoooooo!!!
I love you all!

Happ Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Spring! 

Happy planting seeds of self! May you honor the garden of you, may you flourish and grows and produce glorious fruit!

(hugging you tight) I love you guys!

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