Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Honoring the body...finally.

I created this composition using photographs form a video. "Clara- I bet"
She has an exquisite body! I love her back!! Judith Parsons Art 2015

Sooo some sweet soul posted on facebook this impressive woman dancing on a pole. I was intrigued. She was heavier than the normal models you see swinging around on a dance pole, and I watched it.

She stunned me with her strength. When she was done—I thought: “Dang, I wish I was that strong.”

I am a big woman, and no, I am not a typical woman. I am 54 years young, and I will be the wild woman sliding into home plate or climbing a tree when it is my time to transition to the next realm. I admire strength!

No, I f-ing LOVE love LOVE strength! 
Now you know me. (nodding) I won’t go into all the people that talk the talk…but show me someone who really LIVES life…really works on ALL aspects of themselves…and they turn my head.

They make me gulp. 

It is about passion in all areas. As Margaret, my daughter says: “YOU are art!”

You are!! You can let your body be the canvas you create with! Stop whining and start moving!

SHOW-me how passionate you are about yourself…I emailed a pole dancing place this morning!  I want to find out how hard it is...CAN anybody do it? I want to be stronger!! I know I am not as strong as I want to be…I know 
to be 
S-T-R-O-N-G…so it is time.

I would take a photo of my flubbing rear end and show you a before photo…but I am not that brave. (chuckling) And I want to spare your eyes.

I will post this photograph compilation that I created, the photographs are from the video: “Clara- I bet” SHE is stunning!! SHE has a body I would love to have. It might be a wee bit late for me, those breast are not as perky anymore.

Just so you know, there is an 81 year old woman out there—in our world, still competing in track and field. I figure, if I start now, I might have a rocking body by the time I am 81 years young.

My mind and spirit have been wanting my body to get with the act for a very long time…IT is time!!

Come on body, we got some “Pole dancing” to do!! Woooohoooooo!!!
I will keep you posted!!

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