Sunday, March 1, 2015

Light Love- ART

Yesterday- I got a few hugs—and it was great!!
We all need a hug every now and then.

You are light!

We are all connected, we are all light. 
I reach out and help you turn your light on
I pull your chain- click.
You are on.

Opps, I see you have come unplugged.
(Reaching over plugging you into the world)

You are shining magnificently
I pat your arm
You smile at me
We hug

Feel that hug
Just stop for a second and hug me
Okay—lets make that 30 seconds
If you please

Step into me
Let me rub your back
Let those shoulders drop
and sigh
and relax

and smile
and know we are all connected in love

THAT is enough to know

There is no ownership
No bars to cage you in
Light can not be contained
Love is magnificent fresh air after the rain

Just be Love
Hug a few people today

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