Sunday, March 8, 2015

Art makes you STRONG!

Graphic created by Judith Parsons 2015
Do not use without permission.

My daughter told me that I should treat myself as art. 

It changed me. Her sentence was an example of words made flesh.

She really has an incredible ability to use these little letters, combine them in a way that transcends and transforms. She is amazing. Thank you Margaret!

So I took her advice. I started working on art like a mad-woman. Possessed by clay, glass and metal. I am discovering my body with my art. Art is this muse, like a personal trainer. 

When I first returned to graduate school I was slabbing clay until 9pm at night. I admit, my back was in spasms. I would hobble home slowly, taking baby steps. It took time for my back muscles to strengthen. It didn’t happen over night.

Art taught me to pace myself. I usually pushed through it. Then, I’d pay dearly for it the next day.  Out flat on my heating pad to recover. Now, a year later, I am working with metal. And I listen to my art, I listen to my body. 

I am learning to forge metal now. And guys, I got to tell you, there is NOTHING better than bending hot lava metal, it is such a rush!!  Please, take a forging class, or join a black smithing group! YOU are gonna love it!!

ART makes you STRONG!

Woooohoooooo!! Life is grand!!!

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