Saturday, March 21, 2015

Safe emotion waters

Todays meditation about emotion inspired me to create this art. 

Today Oprah and Deepak met me underwater, that is the deepest me, where I can quiet my mind and soul and sink into a natural buoyant non-gravitational space. 

We three met on the beach of my minds eye and walked into the water. 

It was a safe water, it was what it must feel like in the mother’s womb. 

We were holding hands and as we walked deeper we were all grinning.

I felt Oprah was facing her fears and Deepak was like a child 
again. I felt he had missed the sensation of the ocean. 

We walked under water, we were fish, able to breathe and float and BE quiet.

Then we did something that made me laugh- - we connected toes, and laid underwater looking up at the magical light filtering down. 

It was a magical meditation, our big toes interlocked, floating safe under the liquid mirror of love. We WERE back home, safe in the waters of emotion!

Silently enjoy divine peace today!

Resting in the waters of Love!

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