Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Do you have what you want?

Graphic by Judith Parsons Art
Chair photographs from google images.
I believe 
every blue moon or 
eclipse the stars, the universe or God ask us what we really want.

That benevolent star alignment asks the question:




what you want?”

Then the evaluation and assessing process takes place.

Start with self assessing? 
Are you physically, spiritually and emotionally where you want to be? 

If not make a list, start with little things, make the choices that make you feel good at the end of the day. It might be as simple as eating a vegetable verses eating a starch. Or maybe it is a decision to move your body and exercise a little more than normal.
Start small.

Then look around you. Does your environment say “YOU!” or does it say- old hand me down furniture and messy house. Are you keeping furniture because you rescued it from the dump?
Did you recycle it and make it new again?
did you leave it as is…always meaning to give it a new coat of paint, put a layer of mosaics upon it. You get the picture.

Do we keep old things about, because we don’t want to hurt them? Do we keep old relationships about, because we hate breaking people’s hearts? Some times yes, we do. Some times we need to have heart to heart talks and ask our loves to change, to try and be more, because we all want ourselves and the people we love to grow stronger and better.

Ask and you shall receive.

If you ask, and they decide not to change. That is okay too. However, it needs to be voiced, talked about and discussed. Use your voice, some times we need a little kick start, a little push to move and become MORE, verse less.

You want to keep the old broken chair in the corner? Than take some furniture repair classes, re-weave her seat. Add some springs into her bottom. Go purchase her a new fabric to upholstery her in. When you sit in your favorite chair, KNOW that you have done right by her. and She by you.

Your rear end deserves the best you can get. You want a royal place to rest at the end of the day, then fix the throne, or get a new one.

Just saying.

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