Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spiritual Evolution!

Photograph by Dean Evans. Composition by Judith Parsons.

We are all more connected than we know. Dean Evans, (waving) posts a photo of the fire he is going to build. The triangle sits READY to transform. I smile and KNOW that the muse is laughing at me. 

Then Stephanie Keltner, (waving) posts this great little radio program and it is all about the star alignment and the eclipse which is happening on the 20th of March. That eclipse happened 20 years ago. It signals the end of something big. 

this is the link! Molly McCord is the author of the blog and astrologist. She talks about 
the solar eclipse signally something is finally over. Its like a huge relief, like a “giant exhale”.

So, let the changes come. Relax. Know and grow.

The lesson of completion is March 20th.

When something ends, it is time for new beginnings. With the Spring equinox happening right upon the heels of the eclipse, it is time to let new life lessons blossom. Be brave! Do the thing you have always wanted to do! YOU can do it! NOW is the time!!

May all your dreams be planted…may the spiritual seeds of evolution grow!! Wooohooooo!! Life is grand!!

Soaring beside you all!!

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