Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Shake your bones

Photograph  and graphic by Judith Parsons 2015
Heart Holding/Spine Strengthening

I was going to use the words: Heart cage. But then it sounded like it had all these negative connotations. You know, cage, lock and key, prison, jail. So the heart was held captive someplace. I didn’t like that idea.

We all want our hearts to be held by loving compassionate souls. Our bones hold us together. The art work of the skeleton is exquisite. The curving of the bones, the design really is well done. What an engineer God is!

(smiling sigh)

The back bone with its segments all aligned really is an incredible design as well. We need to appreciate our bones.

Anita (waving) said ages ago to me; “I love the bones of you.” What a glorious way to say you love someone. (smiling)

 I can’t help but think of someone gnawing on a turkey drumstick. You know- like the big ones you can get at the Renaissance festival.

I love that idea, sucking on a big Turkey drum stick bone. Just enjoying the hell out of the yummy food, getting it all over your face. And now, I realize it may sound like I eat the flesh of the people I love. Wait. Hold on. This is steadily going down hill fast.

Changing subject.

Appreciate your bones, love yourself. I appreciate your bones. Keep growing stronger. Not older, just stronger. Leave the number at the door. Play the music, smile and enjoy the heck out of your bones.

Shake those hips!

Love y’all!

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