Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Art created especially for this particular blog, by the most
incredible artist. Judith Parsons Art 2015

Each of us brings our best to the table of life. Each of us different, unique, rare and beautiful. It is true , with LOVE all things are possible. Even when things might not be exactly how you wish them to be. There still is so much to learn from that experience and each person.

Each of us holds our puzzle pieces in our hands. We can choose to hold the positive qualities,  or the negative qualities and we can focus upon those helpful pieces.

Sure there will be hurricanes and intense winds that try and blow the best pieces of ourselves away.

Stand still in the storm, sit calmly and the storm will pass. Hold on to your best self. You have to live with you. And sure the puzzle pieces become worn around the edges. All good puzzles are worn around the edges.

Its okay not to have sharp edges. 

Hold on to yourself. 

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