Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mysterious Love

Original one-of-a-kind art created by one-of-a-kind artist.
Judith Parsons Art 2015

We want to know everything
Trying to figure out what the future holds

Then life hands us a blank rune
Saying trust in Love

It doesn’t have to be totally spelled out
Sketched out lines in gray are a-okay

Listen to the church bells ring their Love to you
Sigh in that moment- the energy is so sweet so early on

The chase of Love
The newness of exploring what the other is all about

Hold back you
Keep some you to sprinkle about 
When the monotonous days take their toll

It doesn’t have to be explained
Nothing Does
Just trust in the spark of sprinkled light
In fire fly Love

I am going to Love lots of different folks
All for different reasons and seasons
Love can not be contained in the old box
It is warping the metal bending the walls
Growing changing becoming more and more

Don’t fear anything
Love never goes away

It grows and heals and spills out over and beyond all

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