Saturday, March 7, 2015

San Francisco Art

Art created by Judith Parsons
Photographs by Judith Parsons.
Do not use without permission. 2015
Thursday night, there was a gallery opening for some lovely students. There was jewelry that blew my mind. The art was precise and exact. The finishing details polished and pristine.

Art school is like that. It asks us to keep polishing the silver of our existence until we are shining like a mirror.

It was a great night, thank you Kelly, Trekka, and Alexus for making it a great evening. (waving) Dale, your art is amazing!

Mirrors. (smiling sigh) Moons. No, I have no smooth transition here. Just jumping from one topic to the next.

Walking home from the gallery opening I took photos of the moon…and window display. I love the mask, have been intrigued by the mask for years. Have created many and given many away to friends.

San Fransico is an interesting city. So many cultures living in one area. So many people speaking different languages. Language isn’t really needed. You can see from body language how confident or stressed someone is.

Smiling, or at least not scowling is crucial to me. Being aware of your facial expression while you sit upon the bus is key in getting a seat. Most people see my white hair and ask if I would like to sit. I earned every white hair on my head, and am proud of them.

I am happy to report my sculpture is coming along. I am happy to report I am connecting to old friends, and it feel good to have them as friends. I am setting my sights of SOARING.

The body, mind and spirit are all on the same track. THAT is a major feat. KEEP flapping those wings, I will find you in the sky! Love you all!

Woooohoooooo!!! Art is life- life is art!

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