Friday, January 1, 2016

Rabbit - rabbit - rabbit

Original art by Judith Parsons 2016
My grandmother believed in saying those words on the first day of every month. It was her little thing she did. It being the first day of 2016, I figure it is a great place to start. 

I say the words in a whispered voice. I live in the city, one can hear through the walls.  

Between the buildings the sun is rising, the orange light reflects and streams toward my window It promises to be a glorious day. Golden sunlight.

The rabbit watches the sun rise, the fur turns golden from the morning light. In my minds eye it has on a super power cape. It is not afraid anymore. The older, past year rabbit sat waiting. Fear its companion.

Life is too short to sit in fear.

I see many poems in my poetry group about people waiting and wanting love. They wait. Waiting is not for me. The people that WANT to be in your LIFE, are in your life. The other ones, the fearful ones. They will regret not taking action. 

If you are someone waiting for that love to notice you. Find out, ask the question; Do you want my love. Face your fears and ask. If they hem and haw and find it hard to answer you. Then chances are, they really do not have room for you in their life.

And you know what. Knowing that is okay. In fact, it is great. You want someone to take action and be flowing and growing with you. You do not want snatches of time, here and there. You want the FULL-ON love.

I walk over to the rabbit, with its cape on. I pick her up and kiss her upon the nose. I am proud of my little rabbit. I know life is scary, I know I ask a lot of you, but together we got this. WE are going to do some fun and fabulous things together. We are leaving fear beside the river of life. We are unfurling our wings and lifting our faces toward the glorious heavens. 

With that I will leave you. I am forging metal today. Yep!! Woohoooooooo!! I am bringing in the new year doing what I love to do! May you do what you Love.

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