Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Let the spirit move you.

Original one of a kind art. By Judith Parsons 2016
Finding the energy level that is optimum. Sliding into that river of flowing and staying within the flow.

Finding people who are okay with your levels, your flows, your non-flowing times. Finding people who accept we are all at very different levels of flowing, shining and glowing. It is all okay, the different rivers of flowing.

I will continue flowing at my rate, you will flow at your rate. Every now and again the full moon will help our rivers flood, we will merge for brief periods of time. The river seeking out the roots, the river wanting to change the paths from mud to rippled sand.

It is what it is. The young river smashing into the banks cutting away and forging a new path, the older river content with the meandering tried and true path. Only changing when the rains from heaven increase her mass.

Let the Spirit flow like the river. May you be young and wild at times and may you also be the meandering river in your passion. May you be wise enough to understand that I can not be your river, nor you mine. We just flow.

The ripples, the sparkles, the twirling whirling leaves upon our surfaces adore that spirit. I have no desire to change you anymore, I know…You let the spirit move you. 

That is enough to know.

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