Monday, January 4, 2016

Cage or nest?

The key

I am using a very minimal skeleton key shape to illustrate a cage. 

It is an interesting phenomenon, the mind, and new ideas and how they spark and catch fire on to other ideas and then there is a huge forest fire of ideas burning. The lovely idea of thought, of being aware of thought… It truly is your choice on how you perceive your life.

It is a decision to look at your surroundings as a cage…or a nest.

If it is a cage. Chances are you are not happy with the people you are sharing your space with. Simple. Just stating the facts. If you live alone, then, you might start loving yourself. 

Spruce the place up- access and evaluate the situation. Has your space become a cluttered unorganized mess? 
Then fix it up, clean it up. Throw away the mess. Stream line. There is nothing like a good cleaning to make you feel a million times better.

Back to the cage. If you are surrounded by folks who are negative, because they too feel their space has become unbearable. Then perhaps it is time to talk. Clear the air, as well as your space.

I know, I am stripping this down to the bare bones. And sure there are lots of problems when dealing with family. However, we all want the same thing. Just stop and think for a wee second. We all want to be around smiling happy folks, who respect us. Who are not grumpy sad negative folks.

Sure, I am well aware of owning my negativity. But, that whole discussion is another rambling blog for another time.

You are not negative.

Yep! Thats you. The person reading this. YOU are smiling. You ARE happy. If your room is all clean and organized, then congratulations. Picture me hugging you. However, if your room is filled with stacks of mess, then picture me pulling you up. and assisting you in finding a garbage bag to put the mess in. Then imagine me helping you carry it out the door, to the garbage bin.

Okay. The key is being happy in your cage/nest. Let us make the cage a snuggle cozy nest. Lets take one room at a time and make it what we desire.

Wooohooooooo!! Come one then—reaching for myself…I need to get cleaning.

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