Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A, E, I-o-U

Original art by an original artist. Judith Parsons 2016
We learn lessons from people that stick with us. They linger upon the peripheral of our minds and dry like old paint. Flaking off the wall of gray matter upon the floor of our soul.

The floor of my soul has always been water. That little red flake of paint, a small boat that swirls about. The vowel lesson, an old lesson from and old friend. I taught the “A,e,i-o-u” lesson to my fifth graders. Appreciate one another, empathize with one another and I owe you the best I can be as a teacher…as you own yourself the best you can be as my student.

I wave at her energy long gone- years ago she skipped along my journey as I quested to find the real me. Thank you old friend. This lesson stayed with me. While we both took what we needed from that time. We keep moving.

I am learning the "between space." That place of struggle between the yin and the yang, that line is a very fine place to stand. It is a place of aware duality. To know, to learn and to keep moving upward. That swirl becomes 3 parts with me standing upon that middle space. One foot in the white and one foot in the dark side.

When I was a young girl, our family visited my grandmother. There was a quote upon her refrigerator about algae and not stagnating. She was a smart woman. The refrigerator was the one place we all visited regularly. It was always steamy hot in Florida. I remember discussing the word stagnate, learning its meaning and knowing I would never allow myself to gather the green algae.

I would learn to move and keep moving. Little did I know then that I would marry a military man and the word “move” would become my middle name. I am still moving, a nomad these days. Not sure in a year where I will be. I have much to complete in a year. It will all come to-get-her. I am looking toward creating an art/healing school. Perhaps you can stop in, when it is done. Get an art lesson, or a Reiki treatment. Or just have a meal with candle light.

I wave to you, nomad brother and sisters, I see you. I understand your travels. Can any one really “know” another person? I mean, really know them? The knowing of seeing their fears, their sad tired hearts? 

I will not go off on the whole relationship issue of why do we think we need another. It is nice to know someone, who knows our routines. Someone who knows our family. It is nice to have a lap to rest your head upon. Someone to appreciate us and to empathize with us.

We do owe ourselves the best we can be. So when we fall short, the other yang soul can pull us into their arms and soothe us. May you have some arms to fall into.

A,E, I owe you. A rolling stone...and all that...

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