Friday, February 12, 2016

Some Valentine Sweets Please

Valentine art created by Judith Parsons 2016
Created using illustrator and photoshop
Valentine’s Day Sneaks up.

It surprises me that Valentine’s day is here. I see her bouncingly skipping up to me like a puppy and I can not help but grin. All of a sudden I turn and “She” is standing there with a grin upon her face. 

"She" makes me smile.

At Valentine’s I made sure my children sweet little gifts to give out to every kid in their class. I grin at how protective I was of my children. I didn’t want their bag to have only one or two sweets in it. I wanted them to have a whole bag filled to the rim with Love.

When I was in elementary school, a few teachers would let us decorate a bag and hang it for that special Valentine sweet treat day. It was a little embarrassing, as my family didn’t have money to spend on treats. The best we could do was cut out red paper hearts, or color lined paper and scribble a Valentine note upon it. It was awkward, horrible in fact. Mainly because, it was a commercial rich person’s holiday.

I vowed my children would have REAL valentines to hand out to their friends. They would have real friends, with real sweet treats in their Valentine bags.

When my children were little I made sure to let them pick one decoration for the house. There was a dancing gorilla that sang in an Italian voice, something about a “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…thats amore.”

It was CHEESY and silly and goofy. It was a tradition to pull that goofy thing out. (sighing) I don’t know what happened to it. I will blame it upon hurricane Katrina. Nodding, yep. Thats my story and I am sticking to it.

May you have some goofy tradition that you do, every Valentine’s. I really can imagine you running wild with this one. Enjoy your wildness!! Throw the old stuffy stoic shell out the window!!

YOU only live once. Happy Valentines Sweet Loves! Give out a little sweetness…in whatever form you choose.

(hugging you tight) Thank you for your Love.

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