Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The New and Improved Trinity

Book binding and print making in Florence.


The word made flesh. 

The process of creating art where the masters created art. 

Creating a book, learning to do block printing and binding a book is a part of my whole graduate experience.

The car horn awakens me
To you
The comfy chairs sit around the camp fire
of our souls

The book: "Word becomes flesh"
Sits upon a pedestal

You stand place your hand upon the book
Then transform
Into the priestess poetress

You have your champagne flute in hand
You raise your glass
You crock a finger at me

I stand
place hand upon the book
and transform

I have a glass of champagne in hand
I am fit and strong
I am wearing a gown from medieval times

You: "He wanted you to write a few words on why you wanted 
to go to Florence Italy to take the book binding and print making class."

We shall start here....

Let the spirit move you Dear.

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