Monday, February 29, 2016

Perfecting Art

Perfecting the process of art.

Ta-dah! A new illustration created. I drew the graphic over a photograph using the Adobe software Illustrator.

This semester I am taking a digital laser class and am totally heads over heels about it. I will be creating art using this design. I am proud of this design. 

I have grown up with the Adobe products. I worked right out of high-school doing paste up at the Savannah morning new and evening press. When they still used wax to paste copied images upon the compositions.
I have had an incredible journey as an artist, designing ads for people all over the United States. Then to teach art to young fabulous students and now back in college to finish my graduate degree in sculpture.

Life is what you make it. Are you worth going back to college? YES! 
Are you worth investing loans into your future? YES! 
Are you scared? Yes, and I was scared too. It took me a while to get the lay of the land here in San Francisco. It took me a while to find the perfect place to live.

Soon I will be finishing up my Masters in Fine Art. By December, I will be finished with all my course work. I have learned the process of perfecting my art, it is never perfect. It is all an illusion, the notion of perfection. However, it sure is fun being able to take the time to try—to reach toward the heavens.

The Transamerica building reaches toward the heavens, it is a glorious specimen of architectural achievement. May we all keep reaching and becoming more.

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