Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Snake-food of God

Original art created by Judith Parsons.

Art created by the ArtPriestess.
 Dreams so real they shock you awake.

A baby hippo crying out upon a rocky island. Climbing toward it to assist. Momma hippo charging and about to eat me. Scampering like spiderman up the rock face to safety. 

People so real in my dream, that I felt I had visited them, touched them, shared meals with them. Caressed them, cared deeply for them. In one night the dream lasted many years. The intimacy in the shared moments when eyes met and smiled.

What ever star alignment happened, there was a wealth of images and stories from the magical muse. She, the woman who told me about this saying, “Everything is happening perfectly.” was in my dream with her husband. They were creating art beside me, we were working on a community art project based upon the Book of Kells. The ocean breeze combined with the sunny feeling made the moment slow motion, his laughter contagious and his wife response even more so.

They played off of one another so well. Their energy glorious fabulous to share. Maybe dreams do come true. Thank you muse for letting them visit my other world. Perhaps this awakened world is the illusion —perhaps the sleeping dream like world is the REAL place, where magic happens.

About the snake on the ladder art. DNA is life- the ladder.
The snake is the food of the eagle. The eagle is the SUN (God).

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